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Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. (ANNEC) is located in the Quliang High-Tech Industrial Zone, Xinmi City, Henan Province, neighboring Jing-Zhu and Lian-Huo Freeways, 10 kilometers away to the west of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and surrounded by historic figures and cultural heritages such as Shaolin Temple, Longman Grottoes and the hometown of the Yellow Emperor. We enjoy very nice environment. ANNEC is a stock company integrating hot-blast stove designing, project contracting, refractory material producing and selling. ANNEC owns 4 exclusively-invested subsidiary companies, 1 joint venture, and 1 R&D center. Our total assets are 3 billion Yuan. In 2006 year, our sales income was 1.6 billion Yuan, in 2007 year our sales income was 2.4 billion Yuan, and in 2008 year our sales income was 3.6 billion Yuan. We are equipped with 7 production lines, 3 silica brick lines, 2 high aluminium production lines, 1 aluminium -magnesium-carbon line, and 1 unshaped refractory materials line. We possess over 1,000 modern processing equipments, and 5 high-temperature tunnel kilns with an annual refractory output of 180 thousand tons including 50 thousand tons of silica products, 50 thousand tons of high alumina products, 30 thousand tons of fireclay products, Iron pot with torpedoes AL-SIC-C bricks of 10 thousand tons, Ladle with magnesium carbon and magnesium aluminum carbon products of 10 thousand tons, Tundish material magnesium of 10 thousand tons, and 20 thousand tons of light-weight insulating materials and unshaped refractory materials. ANNEC has a perfect quality control system, which has been approved and registered against the quality management standard of ISO9001:2000. And because of advanced and complete measuring and checking equipments, ANNEC has won the title of "provincially excellent institute of quality inspection". ANNEC is strong in technological force by employing 9 well-known experts including Professor Wu Qichang, an iron-smelting designing master in China, Professor Zhang Bopeng from Shougang International Engineering technology Co., Ltd, and Professor Sun Gengchen, a refractory expert enjoying special allowance from the State Council. To devote ourselves to our company's technological innovation and R&D, we have been focusing on the development of refractory materials for metallurgical industry. ANNEC has also possessed advanced technology, assimilated techniques from world-known companies such as KALUGIN of Russia, NIPPON STEEL of Japan, DANIELI CORUS of Italy, VAI of Britain, and SMS DEMAG of Germany. We have established simulated, cold-state testing burners for top-burning hot-blast stoves, obtained national patents for beehive checkers of 19 holes, 31 holes, 37 holes, 61 holes and wave-shaped multi-holes. Our 19-hole, 37-hole, and 61-hole beehive checkers, andalusite bricks of high RUL and high resistance to thermal shocks, silica bricks of high density and high thermal conductivity for hot-blast stoves have been graded as the "high-tech products in Henan Province", and ANNEC has been appointed successively by KALUGIN of Russia, Capital Engineering & Research Co. Ltd., Sino-steel Equipment & Engineering Co. Ltd. In recently years, ANNEC has been granted many honored titles as "An enterprise in China producing name brand products", "A Grade AAA enterprise of China advanced in quality, service and reputation", "A nationally advanced enterprise in scientific and technical innovation", "An enterprise with high & new technology in Henan Province", "An excellent refractory-making enterprise in Henan Province", "An honest private enterprise in Henan Province", "A private enterprise of high growth rate in Henan Province", and "An enterprise honoring credit and promise in Henan Province".

Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd.

Address: Quliang High-Tech Industrial Zone, Xinmi City Zhengzhou-Henan Postal Code: 452375 Website: http://en.annec.com.cn

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